I love to paint light and atmosphere. I prefer traditional materials. I like that they force you to give up a certain amount of control and that you have to be bold, commit to your decisions and work through your mistakes. The only “edit undo” in oil painting is a paint scraper. 

I work from life as much as possible but for larger studio works that isn’t usually feasible so in that case I will do sketches and studies from life and then supplement those with photos which I use as references to create a larger work. 

 I am very focused on emotion and story in my work. Someone once told me that “Art is a form of mind control” and I really liked that idea. I basically use traditional materials such as charcoal, graphite, or oil paint  to manipulate your mind, forcing you to feel the emotions that I desire, and thereby tell a story that is at the exact same moment universal and yet incredibly personal.