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Kissing Bridge

The kissing Bridge is the last remaining example in Ontario of the covered bridges that were once common in the north-eastern parts of Canada and the United States.

Oil on canvas, 12×16”

Meech Creek Bridge

A Covered Bridge, scrub brush, fields, Wooded hills, western Quebec in all her autumn glory.

Oil on canvas, 18×24”


Sunday Drivers

In Mennonite and Amish communities in the United States and Canada the horse and buggy still reigns supreme.

Oil on canvas, 18×24”

Covered Bridge

A dirt road winds through a valley and crosses a creek through a red covered bridge. Covered bridges were once a staple of the North Eastern landscape but now they are almost all gone.

Oil on canvas, 24×18”


A New Day


Three trees huddle on a spit of land jutting out into a pond. Their blazing fall foliage brings a little warmth to a cold morning in the north woods.

Oil on canvas, 30×24″





Pride of Almonte

A former mill town on the Mississippi river Almonte boasts of an impressive romanesque post office with a lovely green roof and a cupola set in a rising position on a hill commanding the town. A statue of James Naismith sits in front.

Oil on canvas, 16×20″ 


Gatineaus, Fall

Small lakes and ponds abound in the Gatineau hills. Here on a grey day in late October we find a tall evergreen tree standing like the lone scout of an advancing green army on the shore of one such lake.

Oil on Canvas, 24×36”

*All prices are before taxes and shipping